Gentle Herbal Cleansing Grains

Winter Relief comes in the form of Gentle Herbal Cleansing Grains. Made with Rolled Oats, Calendula Petals, Chamomile Flowers, Rose Petals, & Lavender Flowers! These gentle grains are beneficial for all skin types but I find them to be most effective against sensitive winter skin.

I myself have sensitive skin and tend to take on a red hue during the cold winter months. This inflammatory response can lead to red dry cracked skin that is lacking in luster. On top of staying hydrated, bundled up, and moisturized, I have begun adding a gentle exfoliating routine to my skin care regiment. One of homemade gentle herbal cleansing grains, not only do they make for an excellent exfoliator but they also soak up excess oil & dirt from the skin, making them a great addition to any skin care regiment. They also happen to be one of the simplest herbal body care products to make and can be formulated for any skin type! Depending on your skin type and sensitivity, these cleansing grains can be used alongside your cleanser as an exfoliator on a daily or weekly basis. Having sensitive skin myself, I prefer to use them every other day or weekly, depending on the need.

The recipe I am sharing with you today was inspired by the lovely Rosemary Gladstar and is only one drop in a stream of endless possibilities. My hope though, is that it serves as a basis for your exploration into the world of herbal body care, as Rosemary’s recipe did for me many moons ago.

Below is a list of combinations based on different skin types

Dry | Sensitive | Skinfinely ground rolled oats, kaolin clay, finely ground coconut flakes, powdered calendula petals, powdered chamomile flowers, & a drop of chamomile essential oil.

Dry | Mature | Skinfinely ground rolled oats, dead sea clay, finely ground seaweed, powdered rose petals, & a drop of rose geranium essential oil.

Oily | Acne -Prone | Skinfinely ground rolled oats, kaolin clay, activated charcoal powder, poppy seeds, powdered lavender flowers, & a drop of grapefruit essential oil.

When applying your cleansing grains directly to the skin you may also wish to add a moistening emollient such as vitamin E oil, honey, rose hydrosol, or orange hydrosol.

This list primarily serves as an example and the ingredients can be alternated between skin types, as everyone’s skin is unique and it needs don’t always fit into one category. Remember before formulating any herbal product to consider the whole person | their unique constitution | needs & desires to create something that is truly beneficial to their body.

Oats | Avena sativa | A traditional kitchen stable and nutritious grain high in essential minerals and fiber. That also makes for a very moistening and anti-inflammatory emollient when applied externally to the skin.

Kaolin Clay | White clay | One of the most versatile and gentle clays, specific for sensitive skin. It helps to stimulate circulation to the skin while gently exfoliating and cleansing it.

Coconut | A highly nutritious fruit regarded for its meat, juice, milk, and oil. All of which contain high levels of lauric acid. The meat of the coconut is also high in essential fats & oils that make for a nourishing, hydrating, anti-inflammatory, and anti-bacterial emollient when applied externally to the skin.

Calendula | Calendula off. | A classic garden herb and powerful healing aid for both the internal & external body. Having a special affinity for the skin, calendula makes for an effective wound healer and mild anti-bacterial agent. It is also very nourishing to the skin, as it is protecting, hydrating, and improves skins overall elasticity.

Chamomile | Matricaria chamomilla | A classic healing herb regarded as a digestive aid & calming nervine that also contains anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, and mild sedative properties. That also makes for an impressive wound healer, having been documented to heal wounds faster then some conventional steroidal  creams.

Rose | Rosa centifolia | A treasured herb long regarded as a symbol of beauty that is healing to the mind, body & soul. The aroma of rose can awaken the heart and her essence can heal the soul. Rose is regarded as a nervine & blood/energy mover that also contains anti-hypertensive, anti-anxiety, hypnotic, anti-inflammatory, and astringent properties.

Lavender | Lavandula angustifolia | A highly regarded aromatic herb with an affinity for the nervous system with anti-inflammatory, anti-spasmodic, digestive, and vulnerary properties. The aroma of lavender is both calming to the mind and cleansing to the senses.

Gentle Herbal Cleansing Grains

These Gentle Herbal Cleansing Grains are beneficial for All Skin Types but were formulated with Sensitive + Dry Skin in mind.


  • 2 Cup Finely Ground Rolled Oats
  • 1 Cup Kaolin Clay
  • 1 Tablespoon Finely Ground Coconut Flakes
  • 1/4 Cup Powdered Calendula Petals
  • 1/4 Cup Powdered Chamomile Flowers
  • 1 Tablespoon Powdered Rose Petals
  • 1 Tablespoon Powdered Lavender Flowers
  • 1 Drop of Roman Chamomile Essential Oil


  1. To create, begin by finely grounding the rolled oats & coconut flakes in a clean coffee grinder. | I prefer to have one coffee grinder just for grinding herbs, as the aroma of coffee beans is very hard to get out | 

  2. After grinding them to a fine pulp, set aside and begin powdering the calendula petals, chamomile flowers, rose petals, and lavender flowers in the coffee grinder until they are a fine powder.

  3. Then combine the rolled oats, coconut flakes, kaolin clay, and powdered herbs in a bowl. Mixing them together with a spoon or whisk until they are fully combined.

  4. Then to complete, add a drop of Roman chamomile essential oil to the bowl and gently mix until fully combined.

Recipe Notes

When applying your gentle herbal cleansing grains directly to the skin you may wish to add a moistening emollient. Especially if you tend to have dry, sensitive, or inflammatory skin. The following are examples that can be used for all skin types | Vitamine E Oil | Olive Oil  | Coconut Oil  | Sesame Oil  | Apricot Kernel Oil | Rosehip Seed Oil | Honey  | Floral Hydrosols such as Rose or Orange |

To apply, add a small scoop of gentle herbal cleansing grains to your palm. Then combine with an additional 1/2 proportion of your moistening emollient. Combine in your palm and apply to your face with water. Making sure to massage your face with circular motions until clean and exfoliated. Conclude by patting your skin dry and applying your favorite moisturizer.

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