Adaptogen Pastilles with Schizandra & Orange

These Adaptogen Pastilles with Schizandra & Orange are infused with Schizandra Berry powder, Orange Peel Powder, Turmeric Root Powder, and Honey. They are delightfully tart with a touch of sweetness & loaded with Adaptogenic power!

What is an Adaptogen?

Adaptogens help the body to adapt to stress in a way that brings harmony to the whole body. They work as tonics and help the body deal with the physiological effects of stress on the bodies internal systems. In this way they have normalizing and restorative properties. “Adaptogens are capable of restoring normal tone and function to the HPA (hypothalamic | pituitary | adrenal) axis and SAS (sympatho | adrenal system) and therefore to the entire body. As the adrenal glands underline much of the bodys response to external and internal stressors. While improving resistance to stress they help to prevent some of the more common symptoms of stress including poor concentration, sleep disturbance, fatigue, decreased immune response, and decreased resistance to infections.” Adapted from DR. Marisa Marciano, ND @ The Naturopathic Herbalist Schizandra | Schisandra chinensis

Schizandra or Wu Wei Zi “Five Flavored Berry” as it is called in Traditional Chinese Medicine is a highly renowned adaptogen that works on all areas of the body as a harmonizer and stress reliever. It is know for it’s unique taste, which incorporates all five flavors represented in Traditional Chinese Medicine including sweet, sour, pungent, bitter, and salty. This unique flavor profile allows this berry to access all 12 meridians represented in this ancient Chinese healing system, including the lungs, large intestine, spleen, stomach, heart, small intestine, bladder, kidneys, pericardium, triple warmer, liver, and gallbladder. Although it does have a special affinity for the lungs, liver, and kidneys, as it strengthens the lungs, increases the vital force of the kidneys, and supports overall liver function & detoxification. Due to these aforementioned affinities it is also used as an aphrodisiaque in both men & women as well as a hormone modulator.

Having first tasted dried Schizandra berries over 10 years ago, I was quite taken aback by their intensely sour flavor, that quickly made way for a sweet & salty taste that became pungent & bitter as it made it’s way down my throat. This combination of flavors is again what makes Schizandra such a unique and powerful adaptogen, as each flavor represents a taste constitution that has a direct effect on the body, in accordance to TCM. These taste constitution’s are further explored below.

Sweet | Spleen & Stomach | Nourishes and restores energy levels as well as modulates the immune system.

Sour | Liver & Gallbladder | Stimulates and strengthens the digestion system.

Pungent | Lungs & Large Intestines | Awakens the senses and stimulates movement of energy within the body.

Bitter | Heart & Small Intestines | Stimulates digestion and modulates inflammation.

Salty | Kidneys & Bladder | High in minerals and stimulates the movement of fluid within the body.

I personally find Shizandra to be a warming adaptogen that is harmonizing to the entire body. During times of stress and monthly hormonal transitions, I like to take Shizandra alongside other herbs such as Rhodiola & Ashwaganda, to modulate my mood & hormones. One of my favorite ways to incorporate Schizandra into my daily life is in the form of pastilles. I first discovered & adapted this recipe several years ago from the lovely Rosalee de la Foret. For this recipe I used Full Spectrum Schizandra Berry Powder from Organic Traditions, which is grown in the USA & Certified Organic. This beautifully vibrant powder is truly something to behold! What I love most about this recipe is it’s versatility and adaptability ( pun intended! ), as it can be easily re-formulated with a variety of other herbal powders to more accurately address your needs. For instance, during times of mensuration I roll my pastilles in a mix of Rose Petal & Vitex Berry powders.

Adaptogen Pastilles with Schizandra & Orange

Adapted from Rosalee de la Foret @ 


  • 1 / 4 Cup Schizandra Berry Powder
  • 1 Teaspoon Wildflower Honey
  • 1 / 2 Teaspoon Orange Peel Powder For Rolling
  • 1 / 2 Teaspoon Turmeric Root Powder For Rolling


  1. To create, begin by slowing drizzling the honey over the schizandra berry powder in a small bowl until a dough-like consistency is formed. You may need to add more honey or powder depending on the consistency of your mixture.

  2. Once your dough-like consistency is formed, mold the dough into balls using your fingers.

  3. To complete, roll the balls in the orange peel + turmeric root powder mix until they are fully coated. This will keep them from sticking to each other. Keep your pastilles stored in an air-tight container & in a cool dark place or in the refrigerator until ready to use.

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